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Born in 2010, Red Rose Studio was founded by Val, then later joined by her daughter Harriet in 2015.

Today we are growing to become a community of holistic therapists all over the country.


Yoga Leader and Energy Healer

My love of training to be a teacher and doing yoga was learning about the human body, the muscles and all the different systems of the body. My yoga career started off as just concentrating on Asana (physical postures).

I thought that was what yoga was about, the more powerful the better. This turned out to not be the best type of practise for my body. My own practise of Asana is now a gentle practise. As my practise changed the type of yoga I wanted to teach changed.

I qualified as a Womb Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and have done Stage 1 in Yoga Therapy. This in turn has taught me about relaxation and it’s now one my favourite practises. I always avoided relaxation, meditation or pranayama (breath work) side of yoga, I just wanted the postures. I have always struggled with relaxation and found it a waste of time until I became ill and realised it was something I needed to learn. It turned out to be my way back to health. I knew how to rest but I didn’t know how to relax. I needed to learn to live without tension and stress, which restored balance back to my body and mind. The more I did this the less stress, tension or anxiety I felt. My energy levels increased. This, as is said in all the literature, relaxed my digestion and improved my immune system which put my body in a great place to heal.

I have worked in a cancer hospital working with cancer patients teaching them how to relax, with a gentle asana and relaxation practise. I believe I teach what I need to learn myself. I feel this is a journey for me and I learn something new every day, not sure I will ever get there with relaxation as I have always been a ‘human doing’ and I need to learn to be a ‘human being’.

Today for me it is progress not perfection. I love reviewing, practising breath work and the techniques used. Reviewing and learning new breath practises for my own practise, gives me the confidence to teach to my students. Having a gentle practise, being able to practise pranayama and relaxation enabled me to learn how to meditate. So for my life I have a much more rounded practise than when I first started. I always teach small groups to get to know my students really well. It’s amazing to watch them change over the time I have been teaching them.

I have been very blessed to train with lots of wonderful tutors, Norman Blair, Lisa Kaley-Isley, Uma Dinsmore –Tuli, Fiona Agombar, Ruth Gilmore, Mukunda Styles, Julie Friedeberger this just names a few.


Laughter Yoga Leader, Yoga Teacher & Energy Heal healer

To put it simply, I teach using a Hatha style which covers many different types of Yoga. This helps keep my practice & classes fresh & full of variety.

Practising Yoga throughout my life continues to ground me, motivate me & keep me flexible in life & body – I believe in teaching from my own experiences.

A passion of mine is passing the message of Yoga to Children because doing Yoga as a child continues to give me so much as an adult!

In 2015 I discovered Laughter Yoga, inspiring me to train to be a Laughter Yoga Leader. I’ve always loved to laugh, and find Laughter Yoga made me realise I don’t need to wait for an opportunity to laugh, I could create the opportunity. Laughing helps me through the good, the bad & the ugly times, helping me confront & release suppressed emotions. It really is quite amazing.

A rule I try to live by today is to not take myself so seriously!

Since the beginning of my journey as a healer I have not stopped learning. There is a huge amount of ways to tune in with our bodies, and I try to learn a little more each day. My inquisitive nature has lead me to train in Reiki, Crystal Therapy with Forrest Song Academy, Children’s Yoga with Susannah Hoffman & Tarot studying with Lise Heckmen.

Most importantly I LOVE what I do and my number one goal is to keep loving it and keep spreading those healing vibes as far and wide as I can :). Thank you


Holistic Therapist- Rune Master, Reiki healer

Red Rose Satsang have given back to me the ongoing joy of learning, Meditation and Gentle Yoga practices, with Val together with Yoga Nidra and Laughter, with Harriet.

My inquisitive nature continues to take me on a path of learning including Crystal and Chakra Therapies. Most recently my fascination with Divination has gained me Diplomas in Tarot and Rune Divination from Stonebridge College, with additional Tarot training from Lise Hencken.

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